Understanding your customers. Understanding your business.

Improve UX and Conversion with just a few steps and artificial intelligence.

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How it works

Sign up and receive a code snippet via email. Paste the snippet into your page. Done. The FAQ / Chatbotmodule is ready and you just need to type 'setup' to start the question-and-answer Configurator.

Intelligent Automation

Automate and optimize processes. Leave the customer service to the bot and make better use of your time. Even if the bot does not have an answer, you will be contacted and can respond via email.


Tracking and Analytics

Get to know your visitors. Find out why they use your app and why they don't. Find out what they understand and why they jump off. Improving usability leads to a better conversion rate and more traffic. Moreover, a better conversion means higher revenues.


Artificial Intelligence

Personalize and optimize your offer. The artificial intelligence (A.I.) will help you with recommendations, categorize your visitors, provide related content and learn more and more to help you to design a product that people will love.

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